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Class, Coffee, & Confrontation -- Book 1
Vice & Voice -- Book 2
Memories & Messes -- Book 3

No Red Pens Series

 BS High
One Sip at a Time

"A Well-Crafted
A New Chapter
and New Challenges
All Are Available in Print and Ebook
Paint Abstract Blue
my background

I have been an English teacher, videographer, party DJ, coach, novelist, wife, and mother, though not necessarily in that order.

After a career that spanned thirty-five years in public education, I've drawn on my observations from that world, along with those from those other worlds, too, to create CLASS, COFFEE, AND CONFRONTATION. This novel is the first in a series of stories with Kassi Stanton as CanonBel, a literary superhero. The second in the series, EXTRA DUTY PLAYS, continues the Kassi chronicles at BS High.

The thought that there are people in the world who take pride in never having finished reading a book saddens me. That is the inspiration for the idea behind the stories. If I can inspire people to read literature, classics or popular, I will consider my writing a success.

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